Hair Care Instructions

Here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to taking care of your wigs.
1 - Learn the difference between a human hair wig & a synthetic hair wig.
It is simple, human hair wigs are stronger, and have a higher resistance to heat than a synthetic one, so it tangles a lot less and hardly ever melts. So when you buy a wig, be in the look out for what it’s made out of, and read the instructions carefully.
Wig Care - Human Hair Synthetic Hair
2 - Use special shampoo, conditioner and wig comb.
When buying products for cleaning your wig, you should know that there are special ones for it, because regular shampoo and conditioners have a lot of chemicals in them that may damage the texture of the hair on your wig, specially if it is a synthetic one.
Also, the way that you wash your hair and the way that you wash your wig is different, this is what you do: First, soak the wig in shampoo and water, and then comb the shampoo or conditioner out of the wig (with your wig comb). Then rinse the wig with warm water until the product is all out. Finally, comb the wig until it is untangled, and let it dry by itself. Remember that when you wash it, you don’t need to rub or massage the wig, just combing it’s enough!
Wig Care - Do Not Use Spray
3 - Take it to a professional.
When you need to style your wig, it is better if you take it to a professional, there are many salons that specialize in the care and styling of wigs. Remember that if you cut the hair on your wig, it won’t grow back, and also, won’t un melt if you use too much heat! So go to a salon and ask, there are many specialists that can help you.
Wig Care - Proffessional Care
4 - Keep your wig in a safe and covered.
Whenever you are not using a wig the proper way to store it is in a mannequin or a hook of some kind, so that it is in an upright position, and it doesn’t get tangled. Also, cover it to avoid dust.
Wig Care - Storage and Maintenance
5 - Don’t use any kind of spray in your wig.
When you do this, the hair in the wig is more likely to tangle, or become greasy and unmanageable, especially if you use a lot of different products, like hold spray, or shiny spray. Some spray is alright! Just don’t over do it.
Wig Care - Do Not Use Spray
6 - No heat.
When you are styling your wig, know that heat can really damage it! Specially if your wig is a synthetic one, so be careful not to use too much of it. Remember to read the instructions that came with your wig, so you can find out how much, if any heat, you can use.
Wig Care - No heat
7 - Never sleep or shower with it.
You already learned the proper way to shampoo your wig, so do that, and please, never shower with your wig on, also, take it off when raining too hard. The sleeping part, well, you don’t want to leave it all tangled and full of knots from all the moving around at night.
Wig Care - Never Sleep With Your Wig
8 - Your own hair is important too!
Always have your own hair clean and conditioned! Wearing a wig is no reason for your hair to be dirty or unmanageable and dry. When you put on your wig, always braid or pull your hair back somehow so that it doesn’t show, I recommend using a cap, it makes it easier to hide your hair, and to keep it clean.
Wig Care - Take Care Of Your Own Hair
Hope this was all useful to you, and remember, if you take good care of your wig, it will last a lot longer, and you will look amazing!
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